Dan's soap story

One day I got given somebody's melt and pour soap.  I looked at it and was like What!???  Do people buy this and "make" soap?   Oh no I ain't doin this I say!  I"ve got a chem degree, I know how to make soap on the molecular level, however so does my friend Brian who opened his own soap shop a couple years ago.  So Late at night I email Brian and say this, "I don't want to mess around all night Brian, I could just read some book, go to some website, play with recipies, do trial's and error all that mess.  I know you got it"  "hook it up bro"  Although he didn't have a soap shop any more, he was cleaning out his desk at the exact time I emailed him and just happened to have his hands on his favorite and best recipe.  So that's what I make.

Now let's get real for a second.  I've got a full time job.  I don't make soap for a living.  I'm not a laborer ok.  I"m an intelectual.  I don't go home and drink beer at the end of the day, I go home and drink coffee and think about things.   I'm always thinking and mulling information over endlessly.  Anyway I don't have a ton of soap made and I"m not super interested in laboring to make it with lot's of my time.  Plus it takes 4-6 weeks to cure when I do make a batch (More like 4 in the summer)  So here's what I'm gonna do.  I'm putting up a celery account for a pre-sale.  Me and my friend Collin are gonna make a ton of bars and then I'll mail them out to you.  Probably won't be messin with soap for a while after that, unless you guys buy so much that I hire some laborer to do that kind of stuff.

Maybe I'll even make all this bar making a class then you can come and make it.  I love to teach, I can't stop doing that so yeah I guess I'd do a lot of soap makin if people were taking classes from me or something like that.

Ps -- I make lip balm much easier.  I can send you some of that pretty quickly.  Don't buy clorox corporation's burt's bees!  I use untreated bees wax (I keep the bees) and I put super nice oils like avacado oil and grapeseed oil in them.  Your $2.25 includes shipping and every additional roll is $2 shipping included.  Oh what's that you want to make your own?  Whell click here How to make lip balm

Soap -- I'm working on it, Had a new baby this week earlier than expected so, gonna take a couple days.


Nutmeg Lip balm  -- I came upon this in my wife's essential oils and gave it a try.  Nutmeg is supposed to enhance mental clarity.  I was reading my new herbal book and it mentioned that it got rid of the bitterness of the heart.  That felt about right for me, I'm a little less bitter when I smell that nutmeg.

Peppermint lip balm -- I make it tingly!

Lemongrass Lip balm -- Why not just lemon?  Nah!  This tastes and smells way better.